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mom refereePretty much every Monday I feel like a total failure as a mother. My patience is nill, my energy is lacking, and my desire to get on the floor and play legos has gone out the window. I usually have laundry to do, weekly meals to plan, and facebook and pinterest sound pretty damn good on a Monday morning with my coffee in-hand. Sorry, boys, momma’s got other plans…

So of course my super-awesome-mom attitude carries over to my children and usually makes for a sweet day {maybe if I changed my attitude they would change theirs, too – hey, there’s a thought!!}. And on most Mondays we scoot Joseph out the door to Kindergarten at 8am leaving #2 and #3 home with mommy princess. BUT TODAY we woke up to some fog, and warmer temperatures, and school was…. CANCELLED. Of course it was. Why wouldn’t it be? The snow was MELTING! Maybe someone else had a case of the Mondays, too…

Yes! Snow Day! Another day of sibling squabbles refereed by Mom. Another day of screaming, whining, pushing, shoving, “don’t,” “that’s mine,” “no!”…ah, yes, a SNOW DAY! Thanks, Super Nintendo Chalmers. Thanks a lot.

While my Monday did not go exactly as planned, there were some high points. Let’s review:

  • My coffee tasted amazing this morning. I don’t know why and I know no one cares, but it did. I’m still thinking about it and it’s nearly 11pm.
  • My tiny baby is 10 months old today. He’s a beast. Big fella. So adorable. So happy. I’m pretty sure he’s my last baby (why mess with perfection?), and it’s sad watching him become less tiny. I fricken love that kid. He’s so awesome. Any day spent with him is worth celebrating.
  • My awesome neighbor (JH, you know who you are), invited Joseph over to play today. THANK GOD! The 3-hour hiatus you provided this mommy referee was amazing. These kids of mine are like oil and water these days and I don’t know if I could have taken another minute of “don’t touch that,” “he hit me!” or “it’s mine.”
  • Zumba. Monday night is Zumba night. 8pm. Right about the time when bedtime stall is in full effect. Mommy’s out the freaking door! Adios, muchachos! And it’s glorious. I shake it like I own it. I look like a fool, I am sure. But I feel cool for 30 seconds at a time maybe 10 times throughout the hour. That’s 300 seconds of hot Zumba brilliance every Monday night.
  • Work tomorrow. Yes! I love Tuesdays. I love being able to stay home with my kiddos just long enough to be ready to go back to work. I love work, I love home (except on Mondays), but I’m pretty sure I’d love Mondays a lot less if they were spent in the office.
  • And those sweet tiny faces I just checked on all snug in their beds – they aren’t so bad. They’re pretty darn cute, especially when they’re sleeping.